Since 1936

Much more than just know-how…

Salaisons Cros have passed their know-how on through three generations to satisfy their customers and future customers :

Simple and authentic recipes
Respecting people and the environment
Innovative and cutting-edge equipment



Two business-minded young farmers, Denise and Camille CROS, set up a cold meat company, originally based in Murat sur Vèbre. They slaughtered and butchered a few pigs a week.


The second generation, Geneviève and Robert CROS, took over from Denise and Camille. The company developed into an SME employing 20 people that distributed its products throughout the region.


To specialise in producing cured ham and saucissons, the company heavily invested in manufacturing equipment. The company received EEC certification, a sign of quality for food processing companies.


Yoann Cros took over the family business and continued to develop its activities by creating a state-of-the-art slicing plant to meet market demands for sliced products.


Salaisons Cros relocated to Rebourguil, Aveyron in a new, ultra-modern 10,000 m² production plant. This new site implemented CSR approach at a very high level.


Our cured hams manufactury workshop has been awarded the superior level of IFS certification. Our premium cured hams are Clean Label (completely free of preservatives). We continue to invest so as to maintain the quality of our manufacturing process.


Together with our staff, partners, suppliers, and of course our customers, we look ahead to plan for our company’s future.