Our commitments



Our hams, sausages and saucissons are made with premium pork cuts.
These raw materials are selected according to detailed specifications and comply with the French pork sector standards.
This approach ensures a distribution of added value between the sector’s different stakeholders.

 Quality control

Our strict compliance of application procedures and quality control has allowed us to gain the superior level of IFS certification since we have moved to our new production plant.
This certification recognises our ability to ensure strict monitoring of products from our suppliers to the consumer, and to guarantee safe and healthy products.

The environment

Our production site is ICPE classified (Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment). Relocating to our new site has allowed us to reduce our CO2 emissions by -2000T per year.
Our environmental performance can be quantified and has been optimised as much as possible with the current innovations.
We do not use any fossil energy, gas or fuel oil. Hot water is produced using energy recovery. The centralised cooling system is sustainable and does not use any fluorine gas, harmful for the ozone layer.
We have our own manure processing plant, extracted fats are treated in the mechanisation plant less than 40 km away from the plant.
Our employees work continually to improve the management of our waste recycling and to find new methods of upcycling to reduce our environmental impact.

Our workforce

We continually strive to improve working conditions.
The automation of production lines eliminates occupational health risks.
Our working environments have been studied and designed with the safety and comfort of our operators in mind.

Our skilled teams are committed to the optimisation of equipment, risks management and the compliance of hygiene rules and traceability.
We adopt a dynamic business strategy that allows our organisation to progress and facilitates the development of employee skills.

Customer satisfaction

All our business activities (product quality or innovation, sustainable development, human resources or financial investment) are carried out with the aim to satisfy
our customers and to offer them the best possible service.